First ... Thank You!   Lots of peep's of all generations seemed to have a wonderful time at the Fall Harvest Fest & Charity Event on Nov 19, and that's a good thing. Before we move on to what's next, we just really want to thank everyone who brought food gifts to the event. As it always does, it added up! We delivered 103 pounds !!! of food to the Holy Family Soup Kitchen + Food Pantry in Franklinton.
food gifts at Fall Harvest
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a blessing the day was to those who were there, and what a blessing you brought to others who were not. Thank you!!!

FREE ~Very~ Hot Jazz! ~ Fri Feb 9, 7-9 PM
COHJS Brings Dave Kosmyna's Original Downhome Jazz Band

Park Street Tavern, 501 Park St, Columbus.

DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Check out this sizzlin' "Blues My Naughty Sweetie"

To thank and entertain all the hard-working music educators in Ohio, just a block from the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) Conference, COHJS is sponsoring this powerhouse lineup - Dave Kosmyna cornet, Ray Heitger clar+vocals, Chris Smith tbn, James Dapogny piano, + Pete Siers drums, pulled together to celebrate the 1917 recording by the Original Dixieland Jass Band that's widely recognized as the first jazz recording.
No cover, no admission - just GREAT MUSIC - FREE from COHJS!

Curious about Hot Jazz and what the COHJS does? Check out our Recent Events page for a good look at + listen to the music and dancing that we love and share around Central Ohio.

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2018 Membership is now available, and we could sure use your support to hire these musicians + the venue! Please consider renewing or joining at the door, and enjoy the member's price that same day!
About half of our support comes from memberships.

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COJHS is grateful for generous support from the Columbus Foundation Community Arts Fund and the Ingram-White Castle Foundation for our 2017-18 season.

The Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to enjoying and sharing traditional American jazz of the early 20th century. Comes in many styles and called by many names – traditional jazz, Dixieland jazz, classic jazz, hot jazz, New Orleans style jazz ... or San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, New York style jazz ... the happiest music in the world! We listen, play, + dance to it.

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