Straight from NYC!

Mike Davis & The New Wonders

Wed Jan 22, 8 - 11

$10 at the door

the Rambling House Music Bar, 310 E Hudson St Cbus 43202 in the Old North.

We are big-time STOKED to bring the nationally acclaimed NYC-based trad jazz band, Mike Davis & The New Wonders, to Rambling House! Come watch this great trad jazz band whose great and growing reputation in their New York City home base now has them out on tour!

Catch them playing "The Best Things in Life Are Free" at a garden party:

It's Mike Davis, cornet, arrangements, & vocals; Joe McDonough, trombone; Ricky Alexander, reeds; Jared Engel, banjo; Jay Rattman, bass saxophone; Jay Lepley drums.

Check out their website, and what the widely respected Michael Steinman wrote about them on JazzLives blog here and here.   To borrow a little bit ...

There are many ways in which the New Wonders are special ... They draw from recordings by the California Ramblers, the Chicago Loopers, Tiny Parham, Red Nichols, the Goofus Five, and others - wonderful pop tunes that haven’t been played in ages. And they are a great paradox - exact (reproducing pieces of arrangements, both instrumental and vocal, that are not easy to do) but loose.
 They're not museum curators, but they're not just playing the songs and moving on ... there's a spirit of great fun and ebullience without the least condescension ... these beautifully-dressed young men come with the sweet notion of bringing 1927 back for a few hours ... the music can be precise and tender, or hot and bumptious — all in the space of a few songs.

Open Trad Jazz Jam + Dance

Wed Feb 12, 8 til late!

Every 2nd Wed - also Mar 11, etc

Don't hibernate! Warm it up at
the Rambling House Music Bar, 310 E Hudson St Cbus 43202 in the Old North.
Always plenty of people there happy to share and help with steps, songs, and techniques.
Thanks to our friends at SwingColumbus and CBal for helping out + joining in.

As always 100% FREE and open to the public!

Spring Schedule

HEY LOOK - Pro Show Admission is $5 LESS in 2020

COHJS Members now $10 ... General Admission now $15!

We're working on a really packed schedule for Spring 2020!

Wed Feb 19 - possible workshop @ Rambling House
Tues Feb 25 - SwingColumbus' Swingin' Tuesday - working on a special Mardi Gras collaboration!
Sun, March 1 - Pro Show at Clintonville Woman's Club - stay tuned.
Wed, Mar 11 - jam+dance @ Rambling House
Wed, Mar 18 - COHJS House Band playing Happy Hour, 6-8 @ Rambling House

Sun Apr 5- Pro Show at Clintonville Woman's Club. We'll celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month, and revisit some big people and events that were "live + local" around here in the '20's + 30's.
Wed Apr 8 - jam+dance @ Rambling House
Apr 16-19, Thu-Sun: Get outta here and get down to NOLA for the French Quarter Fest!
Wed Apr 22 - workshop and/or jam+dance @ Rambling House
Wed May 13 - jam+dance @ Rambling House
Sun May 17- Pro Show at Clintonville Woman's Club. Also dance workshops from SwingColumbus!
Wed May 27 - workshop and/or jam+dance @ Rambling House
Wed June 10 - jam+dance @ Rambling House
Wed June 24 - workshop and/or jam+dance @ Rambling House

Wed July 8 - jam+dance @ Rambling House
Wed July 15 - Annie & the Fur Trappers @ Rambling House! Well-loved from the Nevermore Jazz Ball - DON'T MISS this hot young trad band out of St Louis!
Wed July 22 - workshop and/or jam @ Rambling House

▶ Come on out! Listen ~ dance ~ catch up with friends old + new ... bring family + friends too! ◀
General Admission $15, COHJS + SwingColumbus Members $10, students $5
Music educators + music students FREE!

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