Open Community Jam + Dance

Wed Jan 12 is not happening

Due to this current covid surge as well as conflicts for several of our "anchor" musicians (and thank Heaven they're working!), we're not going to do the January jam. Sorry to miss it ... hope to see you in Feb!

Next one is Wed Feb 9, 8 til 11

Every 2nd Wed ... Mar 9, Apr 13, etc + so on

Rambling House Music Bar, 310 E Hudson St Cbus.

PLEASE NOTE - Like pretty much all other venues in town, Rambling House has a "house policy" requiring PROOF of VACCINATION or a negative COVID test within 48 hours of entry. They do check at the door. Please see their website for details. And yeah of course we're aware this is controversial and we've heard from friends who think it's great and friends who think it stinks. Our apologies if you dislike it, hope to see you either way!

Always plenty of people there happy to share and help with steps, songs, and techniques.
Thanks to our friends at SwingColumbus and CBal for helping out + joining in.

As always 100% FREE and open to the public!

holly Thank You! holly

To everybody who came to the Fall Harvest on Nov 21 at the historic Valley Dale Ballroom:
Not only did we have a grand time with the Cakewalkin' Jass Band, the Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band and celebrating their 25th, celebrating COHJS's 40th, and President Emeritus Bob Butters' 92nd ...

Food donations

A HUGE shout-out and thank you to everybody who brought food and dry goods. We ended up donating a whopping 86 pounds of food (and a Kroger card!) to a Food Pantry! It all adds up, and it's amazing how THIS effort by a modest group of friends and fans added up to a VERY generous and nutritious donation. THANK YOU!!

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