All-Hoosier Show and Dance!
The Sunset Stomp Jazz Band from Indiana

Sun May 21, 2 - 5,   Clintonville Woman's Club

THE BAND, L to R: Bill James (clarinet), Larry McWilliams (trumpet), Dan Hughey (trombone), Chris Parker (ably filling in for John Valdez) on drums, Michael Lucas (piano), Kathleen Miller (band leader and vocalist), Jesse Wittman (upright bass).

Back in 2010 veteran Hoosiers Robin Hopkins (plectrum banjo) and Kathleen Miller (vocals) co-founded the Sunset Stomp Jazz Band, named after Louis Armstrong + May Alix's often-overlooked 1926 hit, The Sunset Café Stomp (with Kid Ory, Johnny Dodds, Lil Hardin, and Johnny St Cyr - whew!)

The band has taken the jazz community by storm, playing at venues throughout the Midwest, and regularly featured at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis. Some of the best popular music was written in the 20’s and the 30’s. It was light and lively then and the band aims to always keep it that way.

Whether the audience is lindy-hopping steppers, west-coast swingers, or seasoned Hot Jazz listeners, this band delights one and all. They have been featured at Clearwater Beach, Florida’s Suncoast Jazz Classic, the Central Illinois Jazz Festival, and GRUGELFEST 2018. They have several recordings to their credit, the most recent being a gospel album titled “Down By The Riverside.”

At the Woman's Club: BYOB ~ hot dogs, snacks, mixers + pop available to buy.

General Admission $20, COHJS Members + SwingColumbus dancers $15
Students $10, but Music educators + music students ALWAYS FREE!

Pre-Show Dance Workshop by SwingColumbus ~ 11-1
The St Louis Shag with Kerry Kapaku!

SwingColumbus is excited to have Kerry Kapaku, a dancer, teacher, competitor, and performer based in Indianapolis, in town to teach another great 2-hour dance workshop featuring the St Louis Shag - check that out here. The workshop is geared for those who are already OK with swing dance basics.

Lower level - $30 gets BOTH the dance workshop AND the show+dance after!
Register HERE.

Kerry Kapaku

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Open Community Jam + Dance

Wed June 14, 8 til 11 ~ Still Free!*

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Rambling House Music Bar, 310 E Hudson St Cbus.

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Huge thank you to Tyedric Hill and SwingColumbus who will be back with a Charleston lesson.
Check out Tye HERE in a previous lesson.

BTW the Charleston - the dance and the song by the towering legendary pianist James P. Johnson - are 100 years old this year! They debuted in the pioneering African-American Broadway revue "Runnin' Wild" in 1923. The background is fascinating - check it out here and here.

Always plenty of people there happy to share and help with steps, songs, and techniques.
Thanks to our friends at SwingColumbus and CBal for helping out + joining in.

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FALL SHOWS - Put 'em in your calendar!

We're starting to put our Fall schedule together. Here's what we've got so far, and we'll update as we get more dates and bands confirmed!

Sunday Sept 24, 2-5pm at the Clintonville Woman's Club - band TBA

Sunday in Oct ... working on it!

Sunday Nov 19, 1:30-6:30 Fall Harvest Festival
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