Jams and Workshops

Here are some basics to help you know what's going on, contribute, + have fun sooner.

(For a quick look at the COHJS / SwingColumbus Community Jam & Social Dance in action, hit this up.)

If you do nothing else, invest 36 minutes in "Trad Jazz 101" - see the New Orleans Trad Jazz Camp faculty explain + demonstrate the role each instrument plays in a typical trad jazz band.

iRealPro icon Real Dixieland Book cover

Then, download our COHJS Jam playlist for iRealPro and get transposable chord charts on your phone for most everything that's been called at recent jams. And you can practice with it between jams if you're inclined. (The app was $15 the last time we looked, but in our opinion is a really helpful and powerful tool, and a great value.)

  NEW Workshop materials

  Songs to start with

  From "the form" to a performance

  Circle of 4th's, your best friend

  Music materials + resources

  Camps, workshops, jams

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The Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to enjoying and sharing traditional American jazz of the early 20th century. Comes in many styles and called by many names - traditional jazz, Dixieland jazz, classic jazz, hot jazz, New Orleans style jazz ... or San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, New York style jazz.
We LISTEN, PLAY, + DANCE to it, especially LIVE and NEAR HOME!

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